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> Offshore Wind Energy

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The Oil and Gas industry is in boom time, due to high energy thirst of developing economies like China and India as well as developed countries. Exploration and Production projects are growing in the decades ahead.
There is big talent gap to meet these huge projects in the offing. Developing local manpower capacity can take a decade and top talents particularly hard to find. The solution is a combination of personnel development and competence analysis with global work force to relieve the acute skills shortage.
The ability to draw on and manage human resources globally by Index Career under EPCIndex® gives a distinct competitive edge to meet the manpower demands of flourishing Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Industries in the global oil and gas sector.


Bremerhaven ist der Heimathafen der Offshore-Windenergie!
Bremerhaven überzeugt Hersteller und Zulieferer der Offshore-Windindustrie mit einem bedarfsgerechten Standortkonzept. Gemeinsam mit den Unternehmen wurden die Bausteine entwickelt und umgesetzt, die heute ein solides Fundament für den Windenergieanlagenbau in Bremerhaven bilden. 

Danish offshore industry is strong in the oil and gas sector with experience of working in the North Sea. Standard and quality from the North Sea is on its way to becoming a global standard, and it gives Danish companies a strong position.
A large number of Danish industrial firms have the necessary knowledge, skills and approvals to supply machinery, components, consulting and other services to this sector.
Danish Offshore Energy Group will, through effective global promotion of member companies ensure that they are part of the large investments in the oil and gas sector.
On this website you can find information about Danish Offshore Energy Group's many activities and learn more about all member companies. 

We are a utility which helps people connect with workers, companies, and friends within the offshore industry. It is who you know in the offshore industry which will make a difference, so search our databases now and make contact and build new relationships.
Global Offshore Contacts is a new company wishing to meet the needs of people and has visions to establish themselves as a leader in providing information to the offshore industry. It is our vision to capture the majority of people working in the offshore industry which will in itself gather crucial information. Wayne Wairau, Managing Director , has 7 years working offshore on DSV's, Platforms, Supply Vessels and FPSO's and has also worked as a Commercial Contracts Manager and Sales Manager for a large Manufacturing Company.
Our services are simple. Connecting people with other workers, friends and companies through our databases and forum posts. A wealth of information will also be available from company news and events to industry products and services.
We also have a suppliers database where companies supplying goods and services can register and get their own suppliers profile. 

With 200,000+ members, Gulf Oil and Gas (GOG) is the primary online gateway to the Oil and Gas industry in the Eastern Hemisphere.
Gulf Oil and Gas covers upstream, midstream and downstream activities in the Middle East, Asia and Africa markets, providing a unique B2B platform for engineers and technical professionals responsible for specifying projects and making purchasing decisions.

We deliver decision support tools and membership services required by companies to compete in today’s challenging business environment.

Gulf Oil and Gas Offers:

- E-marketplace solutions that attracts and connects buyers and suppliers online
- Oil and Gas Directory covering products, services, and technology categories
- Online Career Center
- Projects Information
- Market Intelligence
- Tenders and Leads database for Oil and Gas
- Technical Forums
- Upstream and Downstream news, events, and more. 

Major Engineering, EPC (Engineering, Projects and Consultancy) companies in Arabian gulf 

Internationales Wirtschaftsforum Regenerative Energien (IWR) 

Marine Offshore Supply is the leading supplier of all kinds of products to Oil Exploration & Production Companies, Shipping, Offshore and other diverse industries, in both domestic and international sectors. It is known for its envious reputation of providing superior quality products and exceptional services at best rates.
We continually strive to make your work simple by presenting the convenience of dealing with a single agency for all your needs. A Company extended with branches all over in India and with overseas offices we boast of a strong global presence. 

Virtueller Marktplatz und Auktionshaus für Maschinen und Anlagen der Ölindustrie. 

Als führender Offshore Basishafen weist Cuxhaven eine Reihe von Alleinstellungsmerkmalen auf. Neben der zentralen Lage zu den Offshore-Windparks und dem Offshore-Basishafen, verfügt Cuxhaven seit Mitte 2007 über eine Schwerlastplattform - ein spezialisiertes Wasserbauwerk mit 1.500 qm Größe, welches sowohl für den stehenden Transport von komplett montierten Offshore-Windenergieanlagen sowie für die Anlandung als auch die herkömmliche Verschiffung von Einzelkomponenenten geeignet ist. Die Schwerlastplattform kann bis zu 90t/qm belastet werden und somit eine stehende, komplett installierte Windkraftanlage tragen.
Das Investitionsvolumen der Schwerlastplattform belief sich auf 7,57 Millionen Euro und wurde mit finanzieller Hilfe vom Land Niedersachsen und der Europäischen Union gefördert. Betreiber der Schwerlastplattform ist die Cuxport GmbH in Cuxhaven. 

Headquartered in Rotterdam at the heart of the famous Dutch Maritime Industry, delivers expert coverage of the industry sectors that matter most to you and your business. This includes news and updates on markets, projects, vessels, platforms, equipment, research, companies, contractors and the authorities dominating these markets.
From breaking news, technological advances to exploration and production, Offshore Energy Today’s experienced and well-respected team of editors, columnists and correspondents will keep you well informed. Whether you are a employee, roustabout, engineer, captain, manager, authority or executive, the place to find the latest developments in the Offshore industry is on is maintained by Navingo BV. The Navingo concepts division successfully maintains several other international maritime websites, like,, and For more information about Navingo BV, her products and services please visit 

Offshore magazine, first published in 1954, is a monthly publication recognized as the worldwide leader for covering the key issues and trends relative to offshore technology, oil and gas E&P operations. It is the world's most highly respected magazine dedicated entirely to the offshore industry, and enjoys the highest and most widely read circulation in its class. Since 1910, The PennWell Petroleum Group has been the industry leader for coverage of and service to the worldwide petroleum industry. Its foundation magazines are Oil & Gas Journal, Offshore, Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment, Oil & Gas Financial Journal, LNG Observer and The Petroleum Buyers Guide. The group also produces targeted e-Newsletters, hosts global conferences and exhibitions, seminars and forums, directories and technical books, print and electronic databases, surveys and maps. (OS) is a B2B Portal where in customers can find low cost contract staffing resource worldwide.  OS will be your Managed Service Provider of all your suppliers, making it easy for Customers to focus on their deliverables working with Contract Staff rather than managing the suppliers.


Here is how it works:
1. Customers will post their requirements for Contract Staff and their Request For Quote (RFQ) will be broadcasted to all the OS Certified Suppliers in low-cost-countries.
2. OS Certified Suppliers will post their Proposals
3. Customer awards contract
4. OS will work with the suppliers and customers to get the contract staffing resource(s) started
5. Customers work directly with the Contract Staff while all payment processing will be through OS


1. Suppliers will get registered with OS
2. Suppliers will undergo a 25-point check by OS
3. Suppliers certified by OS will be listed on the OS portal
4. Certified suppliers will submit proposals
5. Supplier will accept awarded contract
6. Suppliers will be managed by OS.


OS Certified Suppliers:
All suppliers will go through a 25 point check before they get listed on this portal.  OS will manage the suppliers while Customers can manage the resources from these suppliers.  OS can also help the suppliers and customers find strategic matches based on the past performance at this portal.  All payments from customers to suppliers will be made through OS. 

With 115,000 visitors a month, is one of the leading websites covering the needs of the global offshore oil and gas industry.
Featuring a mixture of articles including the latest news, views, industry project updates and trends, provides senior engineers, managers and other leading technology decision makers with all that is required to stay on top of this fast-paced industry. With journalists positioned around the world, represents the industry as a whole, with unbiased and timely reporting.
When you combine this with one of the most comprehensive and detailed listings of offshore equipment suppliers, products and services, free white paper downloads and company press releases, you can see why is the key point of reference for the upstream offshore oil and gas industry. runs in conjunction with ist sister publication World Expro and leading industry careers website, which specialises in offshore recruitment and career solutions. 

Headquartered in Rotterdam at the heart of the famous Dutch Maritime Industry,  delivers expert coverage of the industry sectors that matter most to you and your business. This includes news and updates on wind farms, projects, markets, vessels, equipment, turbines, research, contractors and the authorities dominating these markets.
From breaking news, technological advances to project activities, experienced and well-respected team of editors, columnists and correspondents will keep you well informed. Whether you are a project employee, welder, captain, project manager, authority or executive, the place to find the latest developments in the Offshore Wind industry is on is maintained by Navingo BV. The Navingo concepts division successfully maintains several other international maritime websites, like, and For more information about Navingo BV, her products and services please visit 

Auf diesen Seiten finden Sie Wissenswertes rund um die Nutzung der Windenergie im Meer ("Offshore"). Das Angebot wird von der Deutschen Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) für Sie zusammengestellt und regelmäßig aktualisiert. 

Stiftung Offshore Windenergie
Die Stiftung bringt die Interessen möglichst vieler Akteure der Offshore-Windenergieindustrie zusammen, bündelt sie und arbeitet für eine möglichst hohe Akzeptanz in der Öffentlichkeit.
Organisationsaufbau und die Finanzierungsstruktur sind so angelegt, dass langfristige Ziele unabhängig von politischen Abhängigkeiten und Veränderungen, verfolgt werden können.
Zweck der Stiftung ist die Förderung des Umwelt- und Klimaschutzes durch eine verbesserte Erforschung und Entwicklung der Windenergie in der deutschen Nord- und Ostsee.


The International Association of Oil & Gas producers (OGP) is a unique global forum in which members identify and share best practices to achieve improvements in every aspect of health, safety, the environment, security, social responsibility, engineering and operations.

OGP encompasses most of the world's leading publicly-traded, private and state-owned oil & gas companies, industry associations and major upstream service companies. OGP members produce more than half the world's oil and about one third of its gas.

The Association was formed in 1974 to develop effective communications between the upstream industry and an increasingly complex network of international regulators. Originally called the E&P Forum, in 1999 the name International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP) was adopted is your complete source for information about the financial world of oil and gas. An interactive, searchable version of Hart Energy Publishing’s Oil and Gas Investor Magazine, this site also provides you with online content from OGI This Week and A&D Watch.
In addition to providing daily analysis of trends and industry events, our editors interpret the news to highlight opportunities for you, whether your company explores for petroleum or provides finance, capital and advisory services to oil and gas operators. is a multi-society library that provides a simple way to search for and access a broad range of technical literature related to the oil and gas exploration and production industry. From one place, you can search and buy documents from many different professional societies, or similar organizations, that serve the oil and gas industry.
Customers can purchase any of the documents they find through their searches with a credit card, and download them as pdf files directly to their computers. Purchases can be made in USD, GBP, or EUR. was started in 1998 by a group of Renewable Energy professionals who wanted their work to relate to their passion for renewable energy. With this passion and the desire to create a long term sustainable business, we have created perhaps the single most recognized and trusted source for Renewable Energy News and Information on the Internet.


At we do our best to provide you with access to Renewable Energy-focused services, including...


Daily Renewable Energy News
Renewable Energy Products
Renewable Energy Technology Overview
Comprehensive Renewable Energy Events Calendar
Extensive Renewable Energy Job Opportunities
Comprehensive Internet Brand Building For Your Renewable Energy Business lots more! 

Scandinavian Oil-Gas Magazine is your premier source for in-depth information on developments within the oil & gas industry around the world and specially in the Northern Seas. The magazine and our website covers all areas of the offshore industry, from policy to platforms, research to rig retirement. The magazine features insightful interviews with oil and gas professionals and executives, as well as politicians. A broad range of researchers gives our readers informative reports on developments within the industry and up-to-date information on new technology and equipment.
The magazine covers important conferences and events. In addition, regular features such as Finance and Inside Offshore Shipping keep our readers informed about the offshore stock market and shipping news. Our Lifestyles section offers valuable reading about the internet and on etiquette for business travellers. Many of the feature articles, and all the news, are also published on the magazine’s website, a valuable oil & gas issues information base. With ist broad scope, Scandinavian Oil-Gas Magazine provides you with a unique window to the Norwegian Continental Shelf in an era of great changes!
Scandinavian Oil-Gas Magazine is also a marketplace for advertisers, effectively targeting potential customers with eye-catching displays of cutting-edge products and services from a broad cross-section of oil- and gas-related companies of all sizes. 

Subsea Oil and Gas Directory
The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory is the largest subsea industry website on the Internet. Online since 1999.
Subsea.Org is the subsea industry business directory and search engine providing industry professionals with a massive collection of subsea oil and gas information.


The Subsea Oil and Gas Directory users are:
- Subsea Engineers, Procurers and Managers
- All Companies involved in the Subsea Industry
- Buyers and Sellers of Subsea Products or Services 

Link-Liste zur Windkraft 

Upstream is an award-winning global oil & gas newspaper, published weekly and solely available on a subscription basis, as well as offering an open-access website with round-the-clock news coverage five days a week.


Upstream’s editorial policy is to relentlessly pursue accurate, exclusive and independent news, covering the entire upstream oil and gas industry in every corner of the globe. The focus is on business, policy, trends and the key players. The daring and unbiased news content is supported each week by features and profiles offering an inside view of the issues and the people that make a difference in the industry.


Upstream currently has 26 reporters located around the world. All are experienced journalists, all know the oil & gas industry and all are solely employed by Upstream. With such a focused approach, Upstream is able to uphold the high standard of global news demanded by readers of the newspaper and users of UpstreamOnline. 

Rund um Windkraftanlagen immer aktuell informiert.